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Marcus Aurelius by L+M Photography

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The Marcus Aurelius print by L+M Photography, exclusive to Hygge North. This  photograph was shot during our recent work trip to Italy at the Capitoline Museums in Rome. Marcus Aurelius, the "last of the good emperors" of the Ancient Roman Empire is one of our favourite historical figures and practicers of Stoicism, the philosophy we try to live by alongside the Hygge way of life.  This can be your little window into the past and to Rome, perhaps helping to remind you and yours to live like the humble emperor did thousands of years ago. The statue depicted in the photo is made of bronze and was erected in 175 AD.  It is the only fully surviving bronze statue of a pre-Christian Roman emperor. Even if you're not into Ancient Rome or philosophy, it still makes for a great decorative piece.  

PLEASE NOTE! Frames/mount not included. Please allow for a 1-3cm variance. 

Our Marcus Aurelius canvas print comes in a variety of sizes (CM): 13x18cm, 20x25cm, 30x40cm, 40x50cm, 50x70cm or 60x80cm.

Standard USA / Canada shipping generally takes 2-4 weeks depending on location.  Some distant areas can take longer, but we'll get it to you. Please refer to our shipping policy for further details. 

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