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Hi, I'm Michal. And this is my Hygge story.

I met my wife Lesley in high school, where we became best friends. Although I know for sure it was love at first sight, we didn't actually start dating until many years later after a trip to the nearby beautiful ski resort town of Whistler, BC. Despite having each spent most of our lives living in Canada, a place known for it's cold, dark winters, we had never come across the concept of Hygge, something for which there is no equivalent word in English. All I knew was that my soon to be wife had an incredible ability to make our homes look beautifully modern while maintaining a warm, cozy  quality. She did this by complimenting her favorite interior design style, mid-century modern, with things like candles, fur hides, woven baskets and the right type of blankets and pillows. Our large book collection also contributes to environments in which we love to spend time together, with friends and family, and alone.

It wasn't until a trip to Denmark and Norway in Scandinavia where Lesley and I noticed candles on window sills, in homes on shelves and coffee tables and all over the insides of cafes. There were cozy little reading nooks everywhere with benches and beautiful chairs covered in sheepskins, decorated very much in a similar style to which I had become accustomed to at home thanks to my wife. It was here that we found Hygge and fell in love with Hygge. And then we realized we had already sort of been Hygge-ing without knowing it... and then we started to wonder how in the world North Americans living in even mildly cold places had not yet embraced this idea in order to make winter more bearable and fun. We knew we had to bring Hygge back with us somehow.

Back home while on another ski trip to magical Whistler, Hygge North was born. Our shop offers products we source from artists around the world as well as close to home. Everywhere we travel in the world we look for inspiration in the Danish way of living well, the Hygge Way. This has allowed us to use fewer materials and reduce our overall carbon-footprint. The slight drawback of this is that our average delivery times are 2-4 weeks because many of our items are made to order. However, this allows us to keep our costs down, our carbon-footprint low, and our quality high. 

Please visit our About Hygge Page to learn more about Hygge and why it is so special. 

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 October 2019 Update:

We are excited to announce a