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World Wonder by Herr Schleinig

$ 40 USD $ 60 USD

An epic outdoor photo, World Wonder magnificently captures the essence of Mother Nature and the incredible beauty we have all over this planet. Part of our Limited Edition Art collection, these images were produced for us by the very talented Herr Schleinig - "a photographer with wanderlust in his heart and inspiration in his pocket." Celebrate Earth with this canvas print that will look spectacular in any room of your house. 

Hygge Canvas Features:

  • Thick and strong canvas material

  • Extreme vivid colours that won't fade

  • Waterproof

  • Perfect for all home decor

PLEASE NOTE! Frames/mount not included. Please allow for a 1-3cm variance. 

Our World Wonder canvas print comes in a variety of sizes (CM): 50x30cm, 65x40cm, 80x50cm, 100x60cm, 115x70cm, 130x80cm, 160x100cm, or 200x120cm.

About Herr Schleinig:

The desire to go beyond one's own limits, to one day no longer be interchangeable, is his motivation. Perhaps it is precisely this ambition that the photographer so strikingly radiates in his work. "My work takes its way. And that's a good thing. There is life in it. Perfection often takes life's breath away," says Herr Schleinig. He is a lover of the moment. He reproduces small observations of everyday details, reflections and impressions in his pictures. His concentration on this one moment is both a creative and a content decision. 

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