Finding Hygge in West Hollywood

We were in West Hollywood for the past few days visiting one of our warehouses and searching around for fun, new products and places that embody the sense of Hygge.

Here are a couple of photos and places that we would recommend visiting if you're in this area or looking for a place to cozy up and Hygge.

Book Soup 

Such a cute book store - a great place to visit with a cup of tea in search of a new story or adventure. All books are hyggelig, so this place was definitely top of our list to see. 

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It's like stepping into your grandma's house, circa 1970. Filled with throw pillows, comfy seating areas, plenty of places to relax with friends and a very chill vibe. We wanted to take every piece of furniture and home decor accessory with us. 

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Laurel Hardware

The perfect afternoon/evening spot to spend time with friends. Their cozy, enclosed patio space is an amazing place to Hygge. 

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This elegant cafe on the Sunset Strip is quintessentially West Hollywood. The people watching is great, and the restaurant sits in a nice and inviting space. It's worth a visit for sure. 

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Hollywood Roosevelt

he Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is a historic hotel located at 7000 Hollywood Boulevard in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles, California. It opened its doors on May 15, 1927, and is the oldest continually operating hotel in Los Angeles. It is a wonderful place to relax with friends. And they have great throw pillows, rugs, throws etc. This is a home decorator's dream! 

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Just a couple of gems from all of us at Hygge North! Hope you enjoy. 

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