Finding Hygge in Palm Springs, CA

Recently, we travelled to Palm Springs CA to visit our warehouse there and to look for more products to add to our Hygge Home Collection. We stayed at the Ace Hotel Palm Springs and we found a little piece of Hygge right there in the desert. Comfy seating areas with fireplaces were situated all around the resort, the seating areas of the patios off of each room were outfitted with plenty of toss cushions and the hotel rooms themselves were their own style of mid-century, modern cozy. Everywhere we go, we seem to stumble upon a version of Hygge... 

ACE Hotel Palm Springs

We also found Hygge in the Parker Palm Springs Hotel - this hotel was exceptional in designing many different cozy corners and nooks. Each little cozy seating area was designed with a different theme in mind. Depending on your mood, you'd probably pick this one over that one. It was too cool. 

Parker Palm Springs Hotel

We're always on an adventure to find Hygge anywhere we travel in the world - it's a concept we are passionate about sharing with our friends and family. 


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