Our looks

Founders Mike and Lesley

Start Hygge Nord

We are Mike and Lesley Sikorski, two best friends turned lovers in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia. Ever since we met we have dreamed to develop a project together, applying the skills we learned at our respective careers to something we both really love. In late 2017 we began to realize that dream with the launch of Hygge Nord. 

Initial success

Finding great products

Our first full year of operations was a modest success story. Using Lesley's incredible taste in home decor and apparel, we are able to curate a product line that exudes feels of Hygge and greatly resonates with our customers. 

Our Evolving


After listening to feedback from our customers and realizing that our own goals for Hygge Nord aligned with the comments we were receiving, we decided to scale back on items sourced from Asia and focus on curating products from suppliers that are more local, offer higher quality products and are able to ship fast. Inspiration from companies like Away Bags and MVMT Watches soon leads us to the next exciting chapter in our story taking place in 2020.


affordable luxury, fashion-focused

No intermediaries and no wholesalers. So no excessive margins. It's just between you and us. And this is what allows us to offer you timeless, luxurious pieces at affordable prices.  Welcome to the fashion and decor industry of the future. Stay tuned for special discounts and our first crowd funding campaign where we aim to bring our ethically sourced fashion line to the mass market while continuing to treat our customers and staff with the utmost respect, fairness, ethics and love. 


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